the Holiday Decor Capsule
How to decorate your house using everyday finds from Target & Amazon to create a home as cozy as your Christmas Decorating Pinterest board. 
from Pinterest
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Have you have ever wandered the aisles at Target thinking you would love to buy something, but have no idea where it should go or if it fits with the rest of your home?

Or scrolled through Amazon deals thinking you want to purchase decor for your home, but you aren't sure what is the right item for your home?

Then this exclusive Holiday Decor Capsule Guide is EXACTLY what you need.  It will guide you step by step through turning your home into the cozy holiday space you have dreamed of - answering the questions about how and where to create the space you continue to pin on Pinterest.
Get a guide and the best deals to create your dream look from everyday stores like Target, Amazon & Wayfair so you can decorate these five areas of your home:
The Tree
The Mantle
The Stairs
The Front Door
The Tabletop
Year after year you will be ready to decorate confidently for the holiday season, and you will be left with more time to enjoy the cozy and joyful time of year.
there is more
In addition to guiding you through decorating these five main areas of your home we are including a personal shopping list.
Styling clients pay $200+ for a source list of items that are hand picked for their homes. I am including a source list for your holiday decor shopping with this guide at no extra cost! 

The shopping list has over 100 items hand picked for your home, broken down into easy to browse categories.  So if there is something you need to purchase for your home to complete your capsule you can save yourself HOURS by simply browsing my hand picked list of the best in holiday home decor.  

We are keeping things simple by picking decor from easy to use online stores like:
  • Target
  • ​Amazon
  • ​Wayfair

We want to make sure you have everything you need to finally create that Pinterest style home so we have included more !

The decor tracker
The tracker is a PDF page that you can print off and use for taking notes as you work through the capsule guide.  One quick and easy place for jotting down what you have & what you want to purchase, the tracker keeps things simplified this season.
diy guide for creating garland
Garland makes a big impact in the home, but it can be expensive! Learn the simple steps to creating garland from scraps found at a tree farm, bundles of faux greenery, or clippings from your yard.

Holiday Decor Capsule Guide
Helping you confidently style your home for the season

What you need to do:

1. Take a minute to decide if you are ready to remove the stress around holiday decorating and spend more time enjoying the season.

2. Purchase the decor capsule guide and receive immediate access to the guide.

3. Use the guide and downloadable PDF to record your holiday decor capsule.

4. Confidently decorate following your simple plan. 

5. Spend more time enjoying a home that is full of holiday joy.

It's time to stop making things so complicated.
Let the decor capsule remove all of the confusion and uncertainty and help you get back to enjoying the holiday season.
from Pinterest
to your home
Holiday Decor Capsule
helping you confidently decorate your home for the holiday season. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions
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